There's nothing like getting in your car and trying to start it only to discover that you have a dead battery at home or after traveling in Kill Devil Hills. Most of the time, your battery won't suddenly die. There are some signs that you'll notice so that you can visit the dealership to have it replaced and serviced.

Headlights and Electronics

Pay attention to your headlights, especially when idling. If your battery is dying, you'll usually see your headlights dimming and getting brighter while the vehicle is running and sometimes driving around Nags Head. The radio and other electrical components will usually start struggling as well since the battery aids in keeping these items functional. You could also notice the lights on the dashboard dimming or the overhead light. As soon as you notice any lights that don't seem as bright as they once were or they seem to be going in and out, you want to have your battery tested as soon as possible so that you're not stranded on the road.

Struggling Engine

When you try to start your vehicle, it should turn over within a few seconds of turning the key. If you begin to notice that it takes some time before the engine engages, it could be a sign that your battery needs to be replaced by Outer Banks Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram near Wanchese. You could also notice a decrease in power when traveling on the road. Keep in mind that the alternator could be at fault and wires that aren't properly connected or a worn starter.


Look at the top of your battery to see if there's any corrosion present. If there is, it can result in the battery not getting the proper connection from the cables that it needs to operate at its fullest potential. You can visit the dealership near Manteo so that someone can clean the cables and replace the battery or try to clean the posts on the battery to see if that will help.

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